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Energy Freedom

The right choice to balance the focus on innovation and partnerships in energy transition projects that has resulted in extensive knowledge and has made us visionaries in the field of energy transition for buildings.

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About EF Concepts

We aim to work with partners that have a significant impact on country, continental or global level to bring our concepts and products to the market. We connect with and invest in companies that are complementary in the energy transition. If you think we can add to your concept, feel free to contact us. “We reinforce our common features with our partners and add specific expertise and skills. And at the same time we are champions at both rationalising challenges and realising them”.

Langs de Kreken Voorhout: energy rich living

Newly built houses with battery-driven quick charger supplied by EF-Charge & Storage. The charger also serves as a neighbourhood battery to buffer generated solar power.

Solar roof

The houses generate more PV power than they use over the year.

Smart grid

The houses exchange energy with each other with the help of monitoring and smart software.

Buffer and fast charger

The neighbourhood battery serves as a buffer and also as a fast charger.

Car sharing

Two electric cars provided are part of the plan and provide extra battery capacity.

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EF-Solar is about providing as much as possible Wp integrated in the roof, in the smartest way using as less as possible CO2 in the production process, still respecting the rules of roofing with the shortest possible time to the market. We call it Solar Roof. Whether you go for design, budget, safety or the highest power, output, EF-Solar offers the solution.

Chimero 180

EF-Charge & Storage is about supply and demand. The power of EF-Charge & Storage becomes manifest when energy supply and demand are not matched. This is where EF-Charge & Storage comes into play. Our fast chargers have a unique construction, as they are equipped with a buffer battery. This buffer battery makes sure that even with a small normal connection, fast charging up to 150Kw is possible.

EF Supply

Energy Freedom Supply, energy without a fixed contract. With the lowest possible energy prices. You can cancel free of charge at any time. With EF Supply, you follow actual market prices.


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