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Kreisel Chimero 180

Two solutions in one, direct fast charging possible without investments in the infrastructure and because of the bi-directional implementation of the battery buffered fast charger no large investments are needed to solve peak voltages.

Chimero 180

Kreisel Chimero 180

Charging without straining the grid

The net-conducive grid connector with moderate requirements related to the grid provides the basis for this solution.

Compact size

A flexible plug & play solution for any location.

Charging form renewable energy sources

The battery can be charged continuously from the grid or from renewable energy.

Low Power Supply

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Kreisel Chimero 180

Charging points

CCS-2 (DC) 90-180 kW – liquid cooled cable
CCS-2 (DC) 90-180 kW – liquid cooled cable
CHAdeMO (DC) 60 kW

Grid connection

3-phase, TN
400 V AC / 50 Hz
60 kW

Battery system

Lithium-Ion technology
92 kWh usable energy content
Monitored and active heating and cooling system

Operating conditions

-25°C to +50°C ambient temperature
IP54 / IK10


1.310 x 1.000 x 2.340 mm


1.976 kg (standard model)

Communication standards

OCPP 1.6j
RFID card reader
Ethernet RJ45 TCP/IP
Modbus RS485

Service and Maintenance by Kenter

Skilled maintenance and periodic inspection is important for continuous energy availability and safe installation.

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Kreisel Chimero 180 specs

Chimero 180

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