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PV Premium Module

A fully integrated module. It generates environmentally friendly solar power and is eye-catching because of its design. The modules actually replace the tiles so that they are at the same level as the roof.


PV Premium Module

Whether you go for design, budget, safety or the highest power, output, EF-Solar offers the solution with the PV Premium Module.

Durable and aesthetically

The modules form a durable, rainproof roof covering. An aesthetically appealing PV system.

Integration and ventilation

Optically and technically perfect integration into the roof. Good ventilation behind the modules.

Easy to install

Quick and easy installation without any changes to the roof structure. Low weight per m2.

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PV Premium Module


One module replaces approx. 6 to 7.5 tiles in width and one tile in height. The number in width depends on the selected roof tile.

Cell Type


Connectors Original

MC4-Evo2 (Ø 4 mm2)

Available for roof tiles

Signy-Finnez, Tegalit and Tuile Plat/Turmalin

Roof pitch

Signy 15° – 69°
Tegalit 35° – 69°
Tuile Plat 16° – 69 °

Module weight

Approx. 10 kg

Batten spacing

Signy 340 – 350 mm
Tegalit 338 – 340 mm
Turmalin 345 – 355 mm

Performance guarantee

30 years performance guarantee (1st year > 98% of peak performance, from the 2nd year peak performance decreases by less than 0.5% per year)

Product guarantee

15 years


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