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First flex contract and battery create space on electricity grid

The first in the Netherlands, energy transition platform ON E Target and grid operator Stedin have signed a contract to deploy flexible electricity power using a battery.

Preventing grid congestion

Thanks to smart control and this 2 MW battery grid congestion on the electricity grid can be avoided, creating 2 megawatts (MW) of extra space on the local electricity grid of Tholen and Schouwen-Duiveland (Noordring). This will effectively reduce pressure on the electricity grid. The battery recharges itself with renewable energy from sun and wind when the grid is full. The battery delivers power back when many users are simultaneously on the grid for off-take and demand for power is high.

Security of power supply

It contributes to the security of supply of power and allows for growth of rooftop solar panels of businesses and households in the region until the structural grid expansion is realised in 2027. The battery in Tholen will initially serve to solve local congestion problems and then it will serve other needs under the joint evolution plan towards a local energy hub approach.